Nasty Women Art Exhibition
to Apr 30

Nasty Women Art Exhibition

Nasty Women Cambridge is one of many Nasty Women actions happening across the world in different formats and locations. The individual events serve to demonstrate solidarity among artists who identify with being a Nasty Woman in the face of threats to roll back women’s rights, individual rights, and abortion rights. They also serve as fundraisers to support organisations defending these rights and to be a platform in light of the Trump Presidential Inauguration in January.

Nasty Women Cambridge will take place during the Cambridge Literary Festival. We hope to reproduce or use some of the original work for a procession/protest through Cambridge.

For this project I have started a campaign #women4solidarity, and launched an instagram profile to promote the work I have produced @women4solidarity. The idea behind my piece was to take photographs of women of any ilk raising their fist in solidarity. By turning the photographs into graphics I am able to join women from all over the world together on a digital platform. Please email me a photo if you want to take part. To see the full poster, come to the exhibition!

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Photographic Exhibition
to Jul 23

Photographic Exhibition

A Piece of Work from Lillian's Lake Garda Series is to be exhibited in  "The Shutter Hub OPEN 2016" exhibition happening across Cambridge #SHOPEN2016

Her work will be displayed in STIR! Cafe in Chesterton, Cambridge. 

About the work:

"La Sponda" (The Bank) presents an alternative approach to capturing a normally chaotic scene of holiday makers on Lake Garda in Italy. The focal point has shifted and the human imprint has been minimised by depicting the subjects from above, thus rendering a quiet retrospective of the space and time.


Digital Photography, Kodak Chomogenic Print

The work can be purchase framed from the exhibition. Contact me for print orders.

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